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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 06, 2022
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In the epidemic era, the frequency of online shopping has increased significantly, attracting more merchants to enter the battlefield. As an online store opening platform, Showmore provides a full range of e-commerce business solutions. Coupled with the technical support accumulated by the AI ​​team of Youfu Technology for many years, it can provide multi-channel business integration functions and effectively increase revenue. Showmore's all-round e-commerce business plan provides accurate marketing traffic realization Live broadcasters bring goods and shopping guides have become an important force in the e-commerce market that cannot be ignored. Showmore cooperates with 168 money, the largest live broadcast acquiring system in Taiwan, to assist its thousands of live broadcasters to do photo retouching service community traffic remarketing; according to existing customer profiles, further Target similar audiences and increase turnover several times. Even if the consumer behavior in the fragmented era is difficult to grasp, it is easier to achieve marketing and communication through Showmore, maximizing e-commerce revenue. Yufu Technology was founded in 2015 and received investment from Mr. Ye Guoyi, the founder of Inventec, a global server manufacturer, and subsequently obtained the integrated Showmore solution from a chip manufacturer to provide global connected TV, mobile e-commerce and other cross-channel marketing. Ryan Chou, co-founder of Youfu Technology, said: "Showmore solves the fragmented problem of brand multi-channel information at one time from store opening, group purchase, analysis, and diversion." Editing materials (1)

Nayeem Ahmed

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